Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vet follow up and I bought more material :-)

     So we took Dottie to the vet yesterday. She had started coughing a bit less at night and was running around in the snow like crazy on Sunday so I had relaxed a bit beforehand. They took an x-ray and the vet thought there might be a tiny bit of bronchitis so he put her on an antibiotic and another med for inflammation. I still think there is something in her throat, as it sounds like she is gagging on something. He said if the meds don't help we'll have to bring her back in to be sedated and have her throat "scoped" to see if there might be a polyp or tumor in there. Really hoping the medicine works. Poor girl, she was so scared.
     So W.almart is eliminating their fabric departments in all their stores (Boo!) and all material is now 50% off. It started out at 20 or 30% off so it had been picked over pretty well already. But I needed a piece to make an apron for an order so we went last night. I thought we were just going to get the one piece but R said to look around and take advantage of the sale. Love him! So we ended up picking out a bunch of stuff. Not sure I mentioned that I sew and sell crafts? I do craft shows and have just recently put my things into a store. I will be working one day a week in exchange for my "rent" instead of paying it out. So now I'm stocked up again and I better get busy!

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