Thursday, October 6, 2011

Change of plans

My father had his procedure yesterday to locate the source of the bleeding and cauterize it. The doctor ended up cauterizing almost his entire prostate and dad nearly needed a transfusion. The doctor thinks this will solve the problem and dad had very little bleeding overnight but I am not comfortable leaving while he is in such a precarious condition so Russ is heading to NJ by himself. I don't like the idea since he was driving all day at work and the trip to NJ takes at least six hours but he is a very experienced driver and I trust that he will stop and rest if he gets too tired to continue. I also really wanted to see my FIL but at least Russ will still be there. We also had planned to look at apartments while we were there and tell his parents of our decision to move now and I wanted to be there for that. In all honesty I am feeling so conflicted with our decision. I posted about it on my other blog so you can read more about it there if you care to. In the midst of all this turmoil I am trying to get ready for upcoming craft shows, the first of which is next weekend. There are a few other things going on as well, adding up to a high stress level for me. I'm trying to lean on God and keep things in perspective. This too shall pass.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catch up on what's going on

There is just so much going on around here, I am going to do a quick catch up. Please forgive the bullets, but it's just easier this way for now.
* I am still sick. Not sure if it's because I'm older now but this bout of pneumonia is taking way longer to get over. Or perhaps it's been awhile and I forgot how awful it was. Either way, I am still fighting with this cough.
* My Dad's biopsies came back today, all negative thank God! He is, however, still bleeding and has had to be catheterized several times over the past week and will have to undergo surgery tomorrow to locate the source of the bleeding and hopefully cauterize it.
*My FIL is in the hospital. He was taken by ambulance on Sunday evening because he was having bad stomach pains. At this point they are thinking it is diverticulitis and they are giving him a few days on iv and antibiotics to see if it settles down or he may need surgery. I've written before how much my FIL means to me. I'm worried.
*We are heading to NJ on Thursday and will spend the weekend. Not sure if Don (FIL) will need surgery but Russ's mom could really use some help right now too. Her "issues" get much worse in times of stress and with the recent flood and now this she is having a tough time.
*We are really struggling with being so far away from Russ's parents. The reality is that they are getting older and are needing more help. Plus if Mary does have Alzheimer's, things will get much worse. It's a 6 hour drive each time we go, plus Russ has to take time off of work. Add to that the fact that we both hate it here and we've been discussing moving very soon. Our debts will not allow us to buy a house but we've been discussing renting an apartment for awhile. We plan to look around the area this weekend and discuss it with Russ's parents. I know it would be a relief for them to have us closer.
*After being homeowners since 1994, it would be very strange to rent again. Not sure what we'd do with all the "stuff" we've accumulated over the years but I trust in God and know that He has a plan.
*The Monday after I brought our car home, a warning light came on for the traction control. Thank God it didn't happen during the drive. So, we had to pay to have it fixed and are supposed to get a reimbursement check, which we haven't seen yet. Also haven't received the title or plates yet. Plus, we have 2 chips in the windshield (not sure how we got them) that need to be fixed tomorrow.
Pretty sure that brings us all up to date.