Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My poor boy but also some good news

     Yesterday I could tell that J's throat was still really bothering him. Then after lunch he had bad diarrhea (sorry if tmi) so I called the Dr to see what to do for him. The nurse said bring him in again so we headed back. His throat was super red and he said his belly was hurting. The Dr sent us to the hospital for blood work and I knew it would be traumatic. J has had to have blood drawn about 5 times within the last year and a half for various reasons. His previous pediatrician was incompetent and tested J for obscure things I knew he didn't have. He refused to listen to me when I told him I thought J had ref.lux, which turns out is what he has. Long story short, he is no longer J's doctor and I lodged a complaint against him. Back to yesterday, I knew it would be rough and I was right. J is very strong and it took 3 techs to hold him even after they wrapped him in the "papoose." I had explained to them what to expect as we've been through it before but they must have thought I was exaggerating. My heart almost broke in half as I watched my child struggling and screaming as they stuck him three times. I finally had to unleash mama bear on them and insist that they listen to me. They finally got enough blood and we left. I got the results today and everything looks good so hopefully it's "just" a virus that will pass. Today his throat seems better but the cough has gotten worse. I hope that means it's working its way out. Poor little guy, I just want him to feel better. It was nice weather in between the rain showers so we took a walk to watch the road crew working and then before supper we drew with chalk. I think the fresh air helped somewhat.

 I have loved staying home with J but financially things are just getting too tight. I figured I would take a part time job at a store evenings and weekends. I have a degree in special education but don't want to teach full-time right now because J would have to be put in daycare or my mom would watch him which would not be ideal to say the least. I had a job interview today at a daycare center. I had spoken to the director on the phone and evidently the "interview" was just a formality as she had already decided to offer me the job. The best part-J can come with me! The class is 3-5 year olds, and he will be 3 in June. It's Monday through Friday from 11-5:30 and R can pick J up on his way home around 3:30 or he can stay with me if R has to travel for work. We have been looking at preschools because J needs to be around other kids so this is a win-win in that respect as well. Plus the daycare is inside the elementary school where J will eventually go to kindergarten so if things work out I'd be in the same building when he goes to school. The pay isn't great but the fee for J to be there is unbelievably low which will save us on tuition and the center is run by the Y so we will also get our family membership for free. We had a family membership but had to let it lapse as money got tighter. I have really missed going to the gym. I'd been feeling sad about having to go back to work and I know R felt bad as well but this is the answer to prayer. I never dreamed it would work out like this and I am so very thankful.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


     The past few weeks have been quite difficult around here. Two weeks ago my husband's aunt had a stroke. She was taking out her garbage and her neighbor found her laying outside with no idea how long she had been there. She was life-flighted to Phila.delphia where her prognosis remained dim. Her daughters were fighting over whether to remove her from life support, which they eventually did earlier this week. She was to be transported to hos.pice care and we have not heard anything since. This is my MIL's only sibling and my husband's only aunt since he has no contact with his father's family.

     Last saturday my MIL called to tell us that Don (hub's stepdad) was in the hospital with what they suspected was pneumonia. He is dia.betic and doesn't take very good care of himself, which always complicates things. I was at a craft show when hub got the call so he had to wait for me to get home before he could head to nj to be with his mother. Later that day she called back and said Don was better and they were going to release him the next day so R didn't need to go. The next evening she called back and said not only was Don not being released, but he was going to need a pacemaker so R hurriedly headed to nj sunday night. Don got his pacemaker the next day and was improving so R decided to head home wednesday even though Don wasn't scheduled to be released until thursday because R had a delivery to make for work on thursday. Plus the whole time R was in nj, his mother kept telling him she "didn't need him." Nice.

     With R in NJ, I was home alone with J, who was in rare form on Monday and Tuesday. He is normally a pretty easy-going kid and usually listens well. Not those days! I was exhausted and several times I wondered if he wasn't possibly coming down with something since he was so not himself. Wednesday evening as we were putting him to bed I picked him up and he was burning hot. His temp was 102.7 so we gave him Ty.lenol and he slept through the night. The next day his temp stayed high and at one point hit 103.2 so I called the dr and we went in. They did a strep test which was negative and said it was probably a virus. Thursday night was terrible-he kept waking up sobbing and screaming and I had to sleep in his bed with him. Not that either of us got much sleep. He seemed better during the day on friday but then went downhill again so I called the dr back and he called in an antibiotic as a "just in case." We started the antibiotic yesterday. He has moments where he is ok but he is definitely a sick little guy. Sore throats are awful and I see him wince every time he swallows. We're trying to push fluids so he doesn't get dehydrated but he's resisting because it hurts. Tonight he had diarr.hea, poor guy can't catch a break. R and I are both feeling awful too, sick bellies also. We were supposed to go to my parents' for Easter dinner but couldn't so my mom packed up our dinner and Dad brought it over. J barely ate his supper but did manage a little bit of cake. I am praying he starts feeling better soon. He needs to sleep to feel better but the throat pain keeps waking him up. He finally got a decent nap today and we are hoping he gets a full night's sleep, though he has already woken up crying once already. I am just exhausted both physically and emotionally. Also I have a job interview on Tuesday morning, more on that to come.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First dentist visit and possible progress

     I took J to the dentist for the first time yesterday. It is beyond me how he is old enough to see a dentist when I just brought him home from the hospital yesterday but apparently he is. Go figure. Anyway, we've been talking to him about it for weeks, preparing him. He does so much better when he knows what to expect. He was wonderful! I thought they were just going to look the first time but he did so well that she actually cleaned his teeth too! He chose watermelon toothpaste, which thrilled him and he got to choose a toothbrush too. He picked one with a teddy bear on the handle and was so excited to brush with it last night. One of his molars is completely in and the other three are about 3/4 of the way in, which we figured since he's been chewing on his fingers lately. So proud of my (big) little guy!

     I have written on here before about how difficult we've found it to make friends since we moved. It just seems like people here are not very friendly, I don't really understand it. Neither of us were ever on the "A list" but we've always had a group of friends wherever we've lived. And I have made an effort to be friendly at playgroups. Perhaps we've grown more selective or maybe because I'm a bit older than some of the moms, I just don't know. I know it hasn't helped that we haven't found "our" church yet either. On that front, we have started going to church again after being discouraged with bouncing from one to another. The past two Sundays we have gone to one that we had tried before and so far we like it. When we went before they were merging two churches and it was too "unstructured" for us. They seem to have worked things out now and it seems very nice. They have children's church, which is a very important feature for us. I went along with J simply because I'm not cool with the idea of leaving him with people I don't know. If I'm being honest I'm not all that cool with leaving him with anyone but I know I need to get over it and we have even been  looking into preschools. Be still my heart. Anyway, perhaps in a few weeks I'll be ready to let him fly solo in children's church. Hopefully we will start getting to know people and make some friends soon.
     Also, last Friday at play group there was a mom I hadn't met before and we got to talking. Turns out we have several things in common and she lives just a few blocks away. She was very friendly and suggested getting together for play dates (she has 3 kids) when the weather gets nicer. She said she'd be back this week and we could exchange phone numbers. I was on such a "high" thinking I might actually make a friend. Of course when I got home I had to check our "unsavory" neighbor's Fa.cebook friends list for her and she was on it. I'm trying to be positive and not judgemental though. We'll see what Friday brings.

     I had a craft show last Saturday (did well) and have another one this Saturday so I've been super busy. My embroidery machine is out of commission again, so Mom is letting me use one of hers. It is way more advanced (and WAY more expensive) than mine so it has been a learning process for me. It was gorgeous this weekend and we had fun playing outside. So far this week it has been chilly and rainy but we're really hoping that spring is on its way!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sad for a friend

     I am Fa.cebook friends with a guy who I went to school with for a year or so. I think it was middle school (a hundred years ago) and then he went to a different (Catholic) high school. He was cute, shy and very quiet and I think I was the only girl in the school who didn't have a crush on him. (I've never been attracted to "pretty" guys.) Anyway, fast forward and we are now friends on Fa.cebook. He's married with 5 kids and seems so happy. Last Friday he posted that his younger sister had given birth to a son. I'm not sure how much younger she is, but I don't remember ever meeting her. This past wednesday evening he posted that she had developed a severe infection and was back in the hospital and he asked for prayers. Yesterday at 5am he posted that he was headed to the hospital to see her and he simply said "It's bad. Please pray." I was at the store yesterday and when I got back onto Fa.cebook in the evening I saw that she had passed away that morning. Her son was only six days old. I cannot imagine how her husband is coping right now, having a week old infant and losing his wife. She was a teacher, a wife and a new mother and her family must now go on without her. I will be keeping the family in my prayers and holding my family just a little bit tighter today. We are never guaranteed another moment so cherish each one that you are given.