Thursday, January 27, 2011


     Our dalmatian mix has been coughing and I'm worried that something serious could be wrong. R is out of town for work right now and I don't want to take her to the vet by myself just in case "the decision" has to be made. Our vet only does vaccinations on saturdays so I made an appointment for monday. She's not in any pain or I would take her immediately. I am an animal lover and our pets are so very special to me. When we had to put our first dog to sleep, it nearly killed me to lose her. I literally laid in bed, not eating or drinking, for days. My husband was so worried about me. She was so special to me, literally a part of my heart and soul. After we lost her, I said no more dogs. That lasted about two months. We always had a dog growing up and the house just seemed empty without one. We decided to get two puppies so that they could keep each other company while we were working. We agreed that we would each choose one. I wanted a Brussells Griffon (the dog from As G.ood As It G.ets) or a pug. I knew it was meant to be when I found a mix of the two. Jackson was/is the perfect dog to help soothe my broken heart after the loss of my beloved Bear. R wanted a german shepherd but instead he picked out a dalmatian and blue heeler mix that he named Dottie. I'm sad to say that, for various reasons, I have not bonded with her like I have with my Jackson. Somehow I managed to pick a dog with my husband's personality and he chose one with mine. Perhaps that's why she gets on my nerves so bad? LOL Of course I love her but there just isn't the same kind of connection as I had with Bear and now have with Jack. I'm worried that if something happens to her (I realize it is inevitable at some point), I will have guilt over that in addition to the grief of losing her. I don't think I could live without pets in my life, I just wish that they could live longer. They give so much unconditional love that the loss of it is just devestating.

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