Saturday, February 5, 2011

Next Step

     Well, Dottie is just not getting a whole lot better on the medicine so I called the vet yesterday to determine our next step. He gave us two options: try a cough suppressant or anesthetize her and scope her throat. My gut instinct is that this is not just a "simple" cough. It sounds to me like she is gagging on something; like there is something in her throat. So we scheduled the scope for next Wednesday. Poor girl, I hate to see her go through this and I'm just praying that I am wrong. But of course after I scheduled it, last night she didn't cough at all.

     I start working at the co-op store on Thursday. I am pretty excited about it; I'm hoping it will be a chance for me to get out and meet people. My mom will be watching J and I'm having some misgivings about that. Probably just my control issues so I'm trying to let it go. I just don't like being away from him. After battling infertility for over 3 years, I am so blessed to have him and love being with him. R says I will have to be sedated on J's first day of school. That just might not be an exaggeration.

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