Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blog Junkie

I read a lot of blogs. Seriously, a lot of blogs. I only recently started my own and discovered the sheer joy of a blog reader! I used to visit each blog individually and check for updates and that took so much time. Plus it was disappointing when there was no update. Anyway, I got to thinking the other day about how varied the blogs I read are. I started breaking them into categories and I am truly all over the map. Here are some of the categories of blogs I read (I'm sure I've left some out) and a brief reason why I read them.

 *infertility: My husband and I battled infertility for over three years to have J. When we were in the trenches I was just discovering blogs. How I wish I had had the support of this community while in the midst of our struggle. It's so sad to read when someone gets a negative or has a miscarriage but what a joy to read when someone gets pregnant or delivers a baby.

*yard sale/thrifting: I love yard sales and thrifting! Because we are a one income family right now, money is tight and I love the challenge of finding bargains.

*couponing: same reason as above. I love me some bargains!

*parenting: I love reading ideas from other moms and finding activities for J and I.

*weight loss: I am trying to lose weight and get healthier so these sites are inspirational to me.

*moms of special needs children: I was a special education teacher and love reading about these kids. I taught autistic children for quite some time, so many of the blogs I read reflect that.

*crafts: I make and sell crafts to try and bring in some extra money so I love these sites to get ideas. Plus I just love being creative and making things for our own home.

*fashion: I am NOT into fashion but I enjoy seeing the outfits some people put together.

*money savers: I love blogs that give tips and recipes to make your own <fill in the blank> I currently make our laundry detergent and many household cleaners. They are much safer and much cheaper.

*cooking/baking: I love to cook and bake (and eat) and love looking at blogs with pictures for inspiration. I love trying new recipes.

*large families: Because my pregnancy was difficult, my doctor strongly advised me not to try to have any more children. J is my world and I am so thankful for him, but R and I had wanted at least two children. I love reading about large families.

*anxiety/depression: I battled ppd after having J and  have some relatively minor anxiety issues so I like reading about the coping mechanisms of others.

Those are the categories I can think of right now. I'm sure there are more, as well as the blogs I read that don't fit into a category. Told you I'm a blog junkie!

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