Saturday, February 19, 2011

Great day with my favorite boy

J and I had a great day yesterday! We did a little grocery shopping, went to play group, stopped in to drop some crafts off at "my" store and then went to McD.onalds for lunch. There were two Amish men in there and he said very loudly "look mama, there's a cowboy!" It was adorable, he was so excited. He ate very nicely so we went for frozen custard afterwards, so yummy. We each got a little cup and he sat so nicely in the booth and ate his all by himself. That is a big thing with him, he loves to do things "by myself." We have always asked him to help with things and he is so proud to help. After that we went to Wal.mart for the rest of our groceries, then stopped for gas and then a quick run in to the library to get a movie for daddy. Lots of places, such a busy day. Through it all he was in a great mood, listened well and stayed right with me in the grocery store. He has been asking to walk with me instead of riding in the cart so we gave it a try and he did great. I can't get over how quickly he is growing up, no remnants of baby to be seen. Which is fine with me because infancy is not my favorite stage. I love this age, watching him figure things out and learn and explore the world. Today was one of those days that you store in your heart and remember forever. I am so happy to be his mommy and I am so blessed to have this time with him.

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