Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gotta' love a bargain!

I've mentioned before that I love yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores. There was a festival downtown this weekend and a church had a flea market and craft show. I decided not to do the craft show because I don't have enough inventory right now, but I had to meet someone to drop off an order so of course we had to check out the flea market. It was very small and very crowded and we had J with us so it wasn't easy to get around. But the church had set up a booth and we spotted a power wheels four wheeler. R kind of kept walking, but of course I had to investigate and the price tag said $5! Those things sell for about $200. The way we work things is: I have the ideas and R helps me with the "technical" stuff. In this case, that included finding out whether it a) works b) has a battery and charger and c) can be fixed if it doesn't work. The guy told R that it came with not one but two batteries and the charger. We decided that for $5 we'd take a chance. R charged the first battery overnight and we tried it today. It works! R says it doesn't act fully charged and probably won't hold a charge for long but with the two batteries we may get a few hours out of it at a time. We took it for a spin around the block and J had a ball with it! SO worth the $5! Guess I should admit that he already has a smaller motorized 4 wheeler that he rides in the house that uncle B bought for him for Christmas and he has a motorized John tractor for outside that we bought for his last birthday. What can I say, the boy loves his vehicles! LOL

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