Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally made my own blog.

Hello there and welcome to "my" little corner of the internet. My name is Angela. I don't really have any expectations for this blog yet; guess I'll just see where it goes.  I love reading blogs and have thought about creating my own for some time now. Not because I find myself particularly interesting, but because it seems like a great way to chronicle daily life and perhaps my son can read it someday. I have a wide variety of interests and I fall in love with people and things quickly; my husband likes to say I could develop an emotional attachment to a pencil eraser. I also love beautiful (in my eyes) things, and my husband says I am easily distracted by "shiny" things, hence the title of this blog. Not going to write too much more until I see where this will lead. If anyone reads this, I want to keep you interested, maintain an air of mystery so to speak. LOL. And if nobody but me reads this, well I know all about me already. Have a blessed day.

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