Thursday, January 6, 2011


Remember in grade school gym class when you made an error and could get a do-over? Wouldn't it be nice if we could get do-overs in real life? I'd like to do today over. I'm in a crabby mood, not sure why. Just finished my period, so it's probably hormonal. I snapped at J several times over inconsequential things. I hate when I do that; he deserves better. I have quite a temper and, though I try to control it, sometimes I get angry over the dumbest things. There are times when I can "see" myself overreacting, almost like watching a movie, yet it seems almost impossible to stop. I pray every night for patience and calmness and I want to be better. My dad has a fiery temper and I can see it in myself as well as in my brother and sister. I desperately want to break the cycle and I am trying. Some days are harder than others, today being one of the harder days. J is napping right now and I'm trying to snap myself out of this mood so that the rest of the day will go better. Here's hoping!

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