Thursday, August 11, 2011

He eats like a bird

When he can, Russ picks John up at daycare on his way home from work. This gives them "guy time" together. When I walked in the door on Tuesday, John was drinking from his sippy cup and he said "mama, this tastes funny." I took the lid off and discovered the reason: Russ had given him the hummingbird food I'd made that morning! Of course by this time he had drank about 3/4 of it! That was the most sugar he's ever had in his life, lol!


Jen said...

If he started flying around like a hummingbird, that would have been something. I did not know hummingbirds have liquid food.

Angela said...

Yes Jen, they sip it out of the feeders. I make my own hummingbird "nectar." It's one part sugar to four parts water and some red food coloring. It is super sweet; they need lots of energy. I love my little sugar birds!