Friday, August 12, 2011


As I mentioned, I sent in my resume for a part time teaching position at a nearby school district because I do not like my current job. The school year starts very soon here so I knew they would have to hire someone quickly. The submission deadline was last week and I hadn't heard anything and I was second guessing the way I redid my resume, so I figured I wouldn't even be asked to interview. Well, on Tuesday I was called and asked to interview. Since I am currently off on Wednesdays, we scheduled it for the next day. After the issue with my mother, I didn't want to ask her to watch John so Russ came home early from work. The interview was a bit "strange" and I'm honestly not sure how well it went. I'm also not sure if I want it to have gone well. The position is for an emotional support teacher and will be four hours a day but they don't know yet which four hours they will be. They asked a lot of questions about discipline and if I've ever had restraint and crisis training, which leads me to believe that the students will be quite "challenging." I have a lot of experience with severe students but at this stage in my life I'm not too keen on physically restraining anyone. I also didn't think this was permitted in a public school. At times in the interview I felt bombarded even though there were only two interviewers. I'm not sure whether they will offer me the job and I'm not sure I would want them to. Even though it's "only" four hours a day, I'd have to be away from John.  I'm not sure if the daycare where I work would keep him if I quit and it would be very difficult to find another one so quickly and I hate the idea of asking my mother to watch him, if she even would. But of course the pay is way, way more than what I'm making now, which would help us to move sooner. He said they would be making a decision quickly, possibly by the end of this week. Which means possibly today. Which leaves me with a stomach in knots wondering if I'll be offered a job I'm not sure I want but which would put us closer to our goal of moving. As an interesting twist, when he found out that I was "highly qualified" in several subjects, he asked me how committed I was to staying in our town. I nearly laughed out loud as I answered 'not very." He has several places that desperately need highly qualified teachers but I told him I'm not looking for full time right now and he was disappointed. And so I wait.

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Jen said...

I have two sisters who work in severe special education. One with older kids and the other in an early intervention preschool.

I always thought the interviews I thought went the worst, the interviewers thought went the best.