Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mourning a friend

When I signed onto Fa.cebook this morning, I read a post from my friend Patty from Virginia that said she was lucky to have been married to such a wonderful man and that she would miss him terribly. I couldn't fathom what she was saying, so I read her wall and there were numerous postings offering condolences on the loss of her husband Fred in an accident. Someone had posted a link to the news story and I watched it in disbelief. Fred had picked up a load of donated furniture for their church's yard sale and as he was driving some pieces fell from his truck into the road. He stopped to retrieve them and a state trooper also stopped to assist him, putting his flashing lights on. A car evidently "lost control" somehow and slammed into them. Fred was taken to the hospital by ambulance and died a short time later. The trooper was life flighted and is currently in serious condition. This was at 1:30 in the afternoon on a four lane road with perfect visibility. What a senseless tragedy. Patty called me this morning to make sure I had heard and to say she is devastated would be an understatement. She said it really hit her at 4:00 this morning when she stretched her arm across the bed and he wasn't there. My heart is breaking for her, their two sons and their young grand daughter. Fred was very active in his church and his faith was strong so I have no doubt that he is in heaven but his family is just broken right now. Patty and Fred have been very close friends of ours for years and I still cannot believe that he is gone. The funeral is Saturday and it breaks my heart but we won't be able to go. Russ just started his job and wouldn't be paid for time off, and the gas would be so expensive (6+ hours each way.) I hate that it comes down to money but Patty understands and knows we are praying for her. When tragedies like this happen, it really puts things into perspective. What had seemed so difficult is now so trivial. We need to treasure our loved ones while we have them, because we are not guaranteed another minute. Rest in peace my dear friend, you will be missed.

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Jen said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. :(