Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This past weekend I went to NJ to help my in-laws with their ongoing cleanup from the flood. I went by myself (first night away from John EVER) because there are nails sticking up from their floors and their walls have been cut a foot up from the floor so we were worried John might get hurt. Russ went a couple weeks ago and did a lot of the initial demolition for them. It's hard being so far from them, especially in times like this. We used to live 5 minutes from them and we saw them a lot. Well, as it turns out, the reason they asked me to come was to pick out a new-to-us car! Our SUV (which they also bought) is 10 years old, has 147000 miles and has been needing repairs frequently. They wanted to make sure we had something safe to drive John around in. My FIL and I spent all day Saturday looking and test driving and we chose a 2008 white GMC Envoy with only 30000 miles. This thing is fully loaded-it even has a dvd player; John is thrilled about that! This was an incredibly generous and loving gesture and we are beyond grateful. My mother's reaction was surprising and yet not, considering how she is. I wrote about it on my other blog if you're interested in reading it. I'm sure that we will be making another trip to NJ soon to help them again; there is so much that still needs done. Things are so hard for them right now; they had a house fire six years ago and had to rebuild so this house is only five years old. They lost so much in the fire and now this. Devastating to say the least but they are so lucky to be alive, having survived two disasters. Of course this makes us want to move even more. We spent so much time with them when we lived close and we are all feeling the loss of that. The worst part is that my FIL told me when I was there that he's pretty sure that my MIL is developing Alzheimer's disease. We've noticed an increase in her forgetfulness but it just hit me so hard to hear it actually spoken aloud. Of course Russ is devastated and wants to move as soon as we can. My mother's reaction was absolutely sickening and I'm not sure Russ will be able to speak to her calmly ever again. Again, it's on my other blog if you care to read it.
*The Gee stands for Goodness because I don't like to use the Lord's name in vain.

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