Monday, December 12, 2011

Things are moving forward...mostly

The good news is that things with the move are progressing. Our closing is set for Dec 29th and Russ should be giving his notice at work this week. My last craft show was Saturday (it went very well!) so now I can start packing! I didn't get the job I interviewed for but I didn't really want it so I'm not really too disappointed. My in-laws are going to lend us some money so that we can all move together instead of Russ staying behind to keep working. It will be SO much easier to interview from there. We are all so excited about the move that we haven't done much for Christmas. I have John's presents but we haven't even put up a tree. We're not going to decorate much but we will at least have a tree; we're hoping to put it up tonight. Russ likes to have a real tree but with everything going on we're just going to decorate one of the artificial ones we have. We're consumed with the move but trying to remember that this is the only Christmas that John will be 3 and trying to make it special for him.
The not so good news is that I told my mother that we are moving. I had told her months ago that we wanted to move so as not to spring it on her but she still reacted badly. I expected her to but even I was surprised at the level she took things to. She is no longer speaking to me. I'm not going to go into detail on this blog but if you want to read about how things went down you can go to my other blog by clicking here.
So, that's what's up with us right now. Crazy busy as always, moving forward into the next chapter of our lives and looking forward rather than backwards.

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