Sunday, June 10, 2012

Party planning and pictures

     So John has chosen Sco.oby Doo for his party theme. He was waffling between that and superheroes for awhile but I finally had to make him choose so I could start ordering things and planning. I've found some really cute ideas online and have a few of my own, so I think it will be awesome. Since we haven't been here that long and he's not in preschool yet, he really only has two good friends and one will be out of town the day of the party. But we have family coming and I know he will have a great time. He's so excited about it!
     I took John to the mall to have his picture taken on Friday. We're not ones to get professional photos taken but we do it for his birthday. Call me corny but I like the giant plastic numbers they have! He has always been "difficult" when we take him. I don't know if he gets nervous or what but they really have to work to get a good smile out of him. This year was no exception. The girl kept trying to get him to smile and show his teeth but he kept pursing his lips. I told her it was fine but she kept trying to tickle him to get him to grin and he would but she would miss it. I'm also not a fan of some of the goofy (in my opinion) poses they do so I wouldn't let her force him to do it. I want a photo that reflects him, not how they think he should pose. I have plenty of candid photos of his big cheesy grin.
     We went to a free "youth appreciation" day at the Elks lodge yesterday. He had a ball on the inflatable jumping things, enjoyed eating junk, and got his face painted for the first time. Love this boy.

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